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Bless This Homeschool

The Original Wonder of Numbers Tray

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An original design, by Bless This Homeschool

Our Wonder of Numbers tray is perfect for exploring the wonder of numbers! A variety of objects are kept neat and handy for conveying ideas, proving and learning facts, and cultivating comfort with numbers as your child progresses naturally from work in the concrete to mental imagining and more abstract work.
Using two of the manipulative pockets, you can store the number tiles themselves.
*AMBIDEXTROUS - simply orient the tray, 180 degrees to suit your right or left-handed user.
INCLUDED; This listing is for 1 Math Building Tray with number tiles. (manipulatives are not included) There are 23 tiles, in total.
*0-20 / 1 set *1 of each; addition sign, subtraction sign, and equals sign.

Made with locally sourced hard wood. We do not use any dyes or stains. We finish all our pieces with 100% raw linseed oil. Handmade in the USA