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Bless This Homeschool

The Original Parts of Speech Board

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An original, one of a kind design by Bless This Homeschool

Now your child can practice labeling and identifying the parts of speech in a hands-on way!
This beautiful board features an extra-long dry-erase section, allowing you to write sentences at length.
Your child can use the engraved parts of speech labels (optional) to label their sentences. Or they can use the included dry-erase tiles to label their sentences. And the best part is that the whiteboard tiles erase beautifully! You can use them over and over again.

Included in Listing;
-Sentence board with a dry-erase section
-8 dry erase labels
-8 wooden engraved labels

* marker not included

Optional Finish
Choose between cherry (pictured) or walnut (dark brown) for the base of the board.
*Please keep in mind that you will be using a dry erase marker on these. If they were ever to get marked, it would be significantly less noticeable on the darker board.

14" long

High quality hardwood plywood