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Bless This Homeschool

Bless This Homeschool Calendar

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The Bless This Homeschool Calendar is finally here! Your loved one will love this interactive calendar that can sit at their desk or table top. Every morning, they will love moving the cards around to reflect the day, month, date, year, season, phase of the moon, and weather.

The base of the calendar can be used to store school supplies, manipulatives, nature finds, or anything else their heart desires.

Listing includes;

  • calendar base in your choice of hardwood
  • 4 reversible day cards (Sunday-Saturday)
  • 6 reversible month cards (January - February)
  • 16 reversible date cards (1st - 31st)
  • 5 reversible year cards (2022-2031)
  • 4 reversible phases of the moon cards
  • 4 reversible weather cards (rainy, sunny, partly cloudy, windy, rainbow, lightning, and snowy)
  • 2 reversible season cards (spring, summer, fall, winter)


  • English
  • Spanish

*No matter what material you choose for the base, the calendar cards will remain in the white maple

Handmade in the USA - NO DYES or chemicals are used.. Only natural linseed oil is used to protect and seal the wood