Becoming a mother, and having a husband in the military, I knew that I wanted a creative outlet of my own. I would call myself a multi passionate creator. There are many mediums I love to work with, but by far, wood is my favorite.

When I began to homeschool my own children, I knew that there were learning tools that could help my children besides what was already out there. So I decided to make our own.

I never dreamed of being a business owner, but in order to create, and share those creations with you, once must accompany the other. So, Bless This Homeschool was born.

My husband and I make every item that leaves our shop doors in Kansas. We work alongside our five children. It is truly a family affair!

Since the beginning, almost three years ago, we have made thousands of learning tools for families all around the globe.

Thank you for supporting handmade. We would not be here without you.