You Need These 3 Things to Homeschool + Free Download

Once I did these three things, not only did I have a clearer big picture of what our homeschool was, I was able to walk more confidently in this journey. 


1. Your why - Some people know they will homeschool from the very beginning. But if you're like me, maybe you didn't start homeschooling until you had an aha moment while your kid was in public school. The fact is that at some point, we made that decision. 


That decision can lead us into a spiral of deciding on resources, curriculum, books, supplies; the list goes on. Unless we keep our "why" at the forefront of our minds, it is easy to get influenced by all the recommendations we see and the voices we hear. We forget to cross-reference our decisions for our homeschool with our "why, and "Do we need this?"

 . Ask yourself this; 

-Why do I homeschool?

-What is the atmosphere I want to create in my home?

-What is my purpose for homeschooling?

-How can I achieve what I want for my children?

-What are the five feelings I want my children to feel when they are learning at home

2. Set Goals for your homeschool and children

  • Prayerfully consider where your child is at now and where you would like him to be
  • Think beyond academics and consider their values, spirituality, physical, and social life - how will you lead them in these areas?
  • Include goals for yourself as well as your family.

3. Laws and Regulations 

  • It goes without saying. Each state has different regulations and requirements. Find yours at

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